image enhancement.

"A PICTURE SPEAKS 1000 WORDS!" - no truer words spoken.

Image enhancements can make any photograph look professional. Colour and exposure can both be adjusted, a grainy appearance reduced, red eye removed and focus can be redirected to lead you eye to the right place in the image.

We can't all have a professional photographer with us all the time and sometimes we need to take our photos on the spur of the moment. Mobile phones are pretty clever at taking good pictures these days but there will always be that one occasion when that great picture you took turned out to be a dud.

TIP - Move the yellow sliders on the images below to see the full before and after pictures.

it's all in the detail

Detail can get lost in overexposed photographs. A few careful adjustments can calm those bright areas and add some colour into washed out spaces.

bright and airy

A little brightness adjustment here, a colour adjustment there, a touch of dodge to lighten the right places and 'voila'!

focus on the festive

Separating an image into multiple layers can be helpful when drastic adjustments are required. Here the result brings your focus from the outside to the Christmas trees inside.

get rid of that glare!

Unless you are a keen photographer, glare from windows is often a problem and frequently takes over a photograph making everything else in the image obsolete.

balancing botanicals

Sometimes just brightening an image can lighten some areas too much. Using a burn allows you to darken select areas to regain that balance.

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