photo manipulation.

The images you use to publicly promote your company, products or services tell your customers a lot about you. A poor quality photo of your product on a workbench might say 'this company is small, maybe even a start-up, they are probably inexperienced'. A trip hazard in your favourite shop floor photo might imply 'this company doesn't care about its employees' and the profile picture of your Finance Manager on a beach in Tahiti CLEARLY says 'wow, they look expensive!'

Think about the impression you want to give your potential customers. Do you want to appear approachable & friendly, commanding & focused, knowledgeable & trustworthy? The bottom line is however you want to look...LOOK PROFESSIONAL!

If you have products to showcase, presentation is everything so it needs to be done right. It doesn't have to be fancy - sometimes a clean, white background allows a product to speak for itself. Equally, if you would like to show off your product and the fantastic range of colours it comes in, then a few short steps in Photoshop can create a complete rainbow of options to choose from.

TIP - Move the yellow sliders on the images below to see the full before and after pictures.

promoting working from home?

Add some additional touches to a home office image to create a sense of comfort your employees can get on board with.

dealing with staff changes?

The obvious solution here is to call the photographer back in again, but if this is not an option, there is always Photoshop.

"is everyone on break?"

Quickly removing objects helps to keep your warehouse tidy - and Health & Safety happy!

a fabulous refurb.

Photo manipulation is not just about removing things, it can also be about adding them. We all love a freshly refurbished Reception but it's not the same without a bit of 'hustle and bustle'.

from garden to grandeur.

See...told you a white background works!

profile perfection.

Create professional looking headshots with a simple background removal.

setting the scene.

Try to encourage the viewer to feel an emotion when they look at your product - preferably a good one!


just for fun!

We love what we do, there are always new tricks to learn.

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