Behind the Scenes at Retro Ghost Designs

Updated: Jun 9

Let’s face it, we all like to have a nose. Come on…admit it!

So, here’s your chance to have a sneaky peak behind the scenes at RGD head office…where the magic happens!

A photo of the office space at Retro Ghost Designs.
Retro Ghost Designs Office

The office provides a nice light space which offers plenty of room for plants - I am a great believer of bringing the outside in. Not only do plants have fantastic health benefits, but they also boost both productivity and creativity…perhaps I should get a few more!

My rather large desk is home to a library of greetings cards, colour charts, notebooks, paper swatches and most importantly, my favourite tech! This fabulous machine has power enough to run multiple adobe programs at the same time without breaking a sweat. It is extremely versatile and can be used as a laptop, as a portable tablet and with its high-quality touch screen and graphics pen, it can be used as an very accurate graphics tablet. It provides everything a digital creative could possibly need…and more.

A closeup photo of the desk in the office at Retro Ghost Designs.
At the Desk

Brainstorming takes place on a large whiteboard that sits temporarily behind a Retro Ghost Designs sign. This sign was designed to be my backdrop when on Zoom calls. If you are wondering why the logo is off to the right…well that’s to leave a space for my head.

Retro Ghost Designs backdrop for Zoom calls.
Head Goes Here...

My shelves are full of reference books, books for inspiration, craft materials and art supplies…including random bits of junk I’m convinced I can make something from!

Of course Wade the Retro Ghost Dog has his place here too, keeping me amused throughout the day with his snoring and dreaming…it truly is a dogs life.

This room is where I spend most of my time. It is the place where I get inspired, where I get frustrated, where I have wins and disappointments. It is the centre of my universe and I love it!

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