Happy Halloween!

Updated: Jun 9

Photo of a misty moon behind a church steeple at night.
Hartley Maudit Church

This year has been and still is a difficult year to gather with friends, to celebrate special occasions and just have some crazy fun but in spite of all this, five of us still managed to embrace the Halloween festivities with a road trip to some of the local haunts!

Hampshire has its fair share of spooky ghost stories and is home to the little village of Bramshott.

Bramshott has been around since the Doomsday book of 1086 and boasts more ghosts than any other village in England.

Villagers have reported the ghost of a Quaker, a fair-haired boy playing a flute, a Royalist Soldier and a murdered highwayman both on horseback, a black pig, a pot boy, a white calf, a mother and her children dressed in 16th century clothing, a little girl wearing a demure poke bonnet, a spectre in a white burial shroud, the smiling ghost of a tall man dressed in brown with a clay pipe, a grey lady, the ghosts of Elizabeth Butler, Lady Hole and Edmund Mervyn and last but by no means least, the ghost of film actor Boris Karloff who frequents the cottage where he used to live.

What better place to visit on the full moon of this year’s Halloween!

So, dressed as ghosts ourselves we set out in the dark to see what it was all about. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet any of the aforementioned apparitions but we did take lots of photos of one another pretending to be ghostly figures in the graveyard and with a little Photoshopping magic, this is what we got...

Two images of ghostly figures in a graveyard created using Photoshop.
Ghosts in a graveyard
Spooky image of a ghostly figure behind a girl in Halloween makeup - created using Photoshop.
There's someone behind you!
Two ghostly figures by a church at night - created using Photoshop.
Ghosts at Church

What fun!

* Please note, during our walk around the graveyards we were not in any way disrespectful to those who lay there. This visit was purely for artistic purposes. *

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