pay per hour.

This option is for customers who are comfortable with a standard hourly rate but are unsure how many hours they will need. We will keep frequent communications with you so you can keep track of your spend.


Pay Per Hour is used mainly for Photoshop and Illustration projects.


All of our work is documented on comprehensive time sheets which will be attached to each invoice issued.

pay per project.

If the thought of an hourly rate fills you with dread then we can quote and invoice per project.


Pay Per Project is used mainly for Graphic Design work.

Each quote is bespoke and prices will depend on the amount of work required but if you'd like us to provide you with our guideline pricing, please click the 'Request Details' button below.

payment packages.

For customers who have larger or ongoing Photoshop or Illustration requirements, we have put together a series of monthly payment packages. These packages are designed to offer savings for customers willing to commit to a minimum number of hours work per month.

For further details on the payment packages available, please get in touch.


Due to the diversity of the customers we work with, we know that what works for one certainly doesn't work for all. At Retro Ghost Designs, we offer a variety of different payment options so there is something to suit everyone.

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