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That's basically in in a nut shell.

Whether you sell you wonderful products online only or have a nice glossy brochure too, don't let them down by presenting them in front of your wheelie bins - a bit extreme perhaps but you get the point!

Customers viewing your products are not just looking at the product in the image, they are looking at the whole picture whether they realise it or not. In fact, studies have shown that 53% of customers value the quality of the product image over ratings and reviews.


Wouldn't you like to have 53% more customers?


we love a glossy brochure.

Crafting your product into it's intended environment not only showcases the item professionally, but it also helps the onlooker make a judgement about it's size and how it looks against certain colours or pieces of furniture for example.

extend a theme.

Extending the theme of your product into your background can help to create a mood and evoke an emotion, stimulating a connection between your product and it's prospective buyer.


pure and simple.

Sometimes simple is best. When your product speaks for itself and nothing else is needed, keep it clean and fresh.

so many options!

Be sure to show your versatility. Give your customer all the options available, not just little squares of colour that leave them thinking 'I wonder what that would look like in that mustardy colour?' - we've all been there, right?


want to know more?

Please get in touch, we'll be delighted to answer any questions and discuss with you any requirements or ideas you may have.