For those of you providing a service with a visual aspect, you will know all too well that not everyone can picture what you are offering unless they can physically see it. Speaking from experience, we can assure you that a good visualisation can help push your proposal to the top of the pile. Not only does it mean the customer knows exactly what they are going to get but it tells them that your company is willing to go the extra mile.

So, whether you are providing a new kitchen, flooring, landscaping or interior design (to name a few) offering your customer a visual can really set you apart from your competitors.

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showing your design stages.

Using Photoshop to create visuals enables you to show the various stages of your vision.

fancy a change?

People connect with images instantly and emotionally, used effectively they can encourage a client to invest in an idea or suggestion.

shadows and reflections.

Bringing your vision to life with before and after images can be extremely effective in the decision making process.

photoshopping for Christmas.

A good visual means attention to detail. Reflections, shadows, lighting and perspectives must all match for an image to be believable.

office block to hotel lobby.

No matter how wacky the vision or far-fetched the idea, nothing is impossible - just ask.

provide all the options.

Don't leaving your customers guessing. Showcase your products properly in all the available colours and finishes.

just for fun!

Well...why wouldn't you put ogres in a forest if you can?


want to know more?

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